Saturday, December 05, 2015

Saturday Lagniappe: Ten Articles

Can the Church Survive? Can It Thrive?

All indications are that the experience of the Church in western society will progressively deteriorate. I don’t mean that the Church will diminish, far less die. I mean that it will increasingly suffer persecution and oppression and the loss of its civil rights. Read more

How You Should Respond to Evil

How should Christians relate to evil? How should we think and feel and act about satanic evil? Death? Natural Disasters? What about the evil and pain you confront in your own daily lives? Here is my brief summary answer. Read more

Unclean: Leviticus and Total Depravity

The word unclean is used more than one hundred times in Leviticus 11–15. It is an apt description of the condition of the people; they were morally unclean because of their failure to obey God’s commands. Read more

The Most Essential Life Skill: Teachability

There’s one characteristic that separates the successful from the unsuccessful in every walk of life: teachability. Read more

Keith Getty Isn’t Sick of Singing the Same Christmas Songs

I corresponded with Keith Getty about how churches should prepare for Christmas, why suffering should be a theme this season, losing the “Christmas spirit,” and more. Read more

6 Ways to Follow Up With Christmas Guests

Following up with Christmas guests is crucial. Once they leave your services, they are moving on to Christmas parties, presents and food! Then, once the Christmas holiday is over, they return to busy school and work schedules. A personal follow-up gesture will go a long way in increasing the odds of them returning to your church. Here are six ideas for following up with Christmas guests.... Read more

When Some Turn to Church, Others Go to CrossFit

A for-profit gym franchise founded in 2000 that now has 13,000 licensed operators serving at least two million exercisers, CrossFit — like television, sports fandom and health fads — has become the focus of study by researchers trying to pinpoint what constitutes religiosity in America. Read more

Surprise Change in How Multiethnic Churches Affect Race Views

They’re now altering black attitudes more than white ones. But is that bad? Read more

Generations gather for new South Sydney bishop

Two former bishops and the outgoing bishop of South Sydney gathered at St Andrew's Cathedral for the consecration of the new bishop of the region. Read more

New Numbers Detail Uneven Episcopal Decline

The Episcopal Church continued its membership and attendance decline in 2014, but dioceses and provinces (regions) of the U.S.-based church varied widely in their rate of decline, with some treading water while others posted sharp declines. Read more

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