Thursday, December 03, 2015

Thursday Roundup: Four Articles

8 Reasons Pastors Struggle during the Christmas Season

Last Easter, I wrote a post about “11 Reasons Pastors Struggle on Easter.” Now, the Christmas season is upon us. Despite all the fun of this holiday, this time of year can also be difficult for pastors. Here are several reasons why.... Read more

On the Path to Discipleship

Which strategy is the golden key to effectively making disciples in your church? How can you ensure people are on the path to discipleship? Read more

Beyond the guilt of not evangelizing

There are few topics more likely to create a sense of guilt in the Christian than personal evangelism. We are surrounded all the time by people who haven’t heard anything about Jesus, people we are talking to about other topics, and yet we say nothing. We could certainly do better. And yet guilt is not a constructive response. Too easily we can get into the habit of feeling guilty but without any change in our behaviour. Each week, the “How has everyone gone?” question is asked. Each week, we look at the floor. Read more

Influence of Churches, Once Dominant, Now Waning in South

Churches are losing their grip on a region where they could long set community standards with a pulpit-pounding sermon or, more subtly, a sideward glance toward someone walking into a liquor store. Read more
There has also been a shift in attitude among Christians to the sale and consumption of beer and other alcoholic beverages in the South. The number of Christians who are teetotalers is on the decline.

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