Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Tuesday Roundup: Nine Articles and One Podcast

Three Components to Casting a Compelling Vision

Does your vision rob you of your sleep? Quicken your pulse? Change your community and world? I want to explore what makes a vision so compelling that it is difficult to ignore or oppose. Read more

Five Types of Thinkers on Your Team

Leadership consultant Tom Paterson, in his book Living the Way You Were Meant to Live, offered a framework called “Thinking Wavelength.” According to Paterson, people are hardwired from birth to think and perceive in one of the following ways.... Read more

3 Must-Have Leadership Habits

Leaders will develop a variety of habits throughout their lives, but these three words divide them into categories that help answer three of the most important questions every influencer must ask.... Read more

Discouragement in Ministry

Anyone who has labored in ministry for any period of time knows that a consistent companion accompanies ministry. This companion raises its head for moments, days, months, and even years. It can threaten our joy, steal our delight, and hinder our zeal. What is this all-too-familiar companion? Discouragement. After conducting an informal survey with a few dozen pastors and lay-people over the past few months, the following are the top five reasons given for discouragement in ministry along with a few encouragements about how to battle through these struggles. Read more

Ministering to College Students in Your Church

The American university systeme is a life experience unlike many others. Granted, college life stands out as unique for both positive and negative reasons. On the one hand, higher education can be a deeply enriching and fulfilling period in life. On the other, “getting kicked out of the nest” can be equally traumatic for many. Read more

Four Ways that Screens Distort the Gospel

I believe that students and youth leaders alike become distracted and mesmerized by screens precisely because they are such powerful, potential-filled devices. Here are four specific ways that screens distort the gospel.... Read more

6 Principles for Student Ministry

...here are a few biblical principles that we should heed no matter what, and my sense is the many youth groups don’t heed them. Read more

Six Considerations for Holiday Outreach – Rainer on Leadership #179 [Podcast]

With the Christmas season quickly approaching, we take time to discuss how to make the best use of holiday events and services. You will likely have more unchurched people in your services during the Christmas season that any other time of the year. These six tips will help you maximize your effectiveness during the holiday season. Read more

What Future Have Christians in the Middle East?

The train of destruction that is the Islamic State - ISIS, as people know it - has taken Middle East Christians in Syria and Iraq by storm. Read more

Ethnic cleansing of Christians in central Nigeria too?

Everyone has heard of the violent atrocities committed by Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria, but Taraba State, in what’s called the Middle Belt of the country, is also the scene of severe violence: Hausa-Fulani Muslim herdsmen regularly commit atrocities against indigenous Christian farmers. An in-depth report suggests that these atrocities against Christians can be described as “ethnic/religious cleansing”, with features of “genocide”. Read more

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