Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Tuesday Roundup: Nine Articles and Two Podcasts

12 Megachurch Trends to Watch – Rainer on Leadership #185 [Podcast]

On today’s episode, we discuss some new research from Leadership Network on the state of megachurches in North America. Read More

We Three Kings?

If you’ve been around Christian circles for a while then you have probably heard someone pontificate about the corruption of the biblical account of Jesus’ infancy in contemporary folklore. The standard features of nativity scenes we see around our community are shown to not quite correspond with the scriptural narrative. It is pointed out that features of the story such as the donkey, the inn, the stable and the three kings do not quite bear textual analysis. Read More

What Do We Really Know about the Three Wise Men?

Let's set the nativity scene. We've got Mary, we've got Joseph. Jesus has just arrived. There are a few chickens, maybe a couple of shepherds. There's a star above the stable. Then the shepherds arrive, followed quickly by the three wise men. You can picture it. One of the most memorable scenes in the Bible. So the three wise men.... Read More

Three Practices for Staying Focused on Leading

In a previous article, I spoke of the need for us as pastors to step out and lead. So how do we move to action in our role as pastor? Here are three practices to help us stay focused on leading.... Read More

Three Indicators Your Meeting Should Have Been an Email

... there are times when a meeting is really a waste of time. When you consider the value of time, an unnecessary meeting is poor stewardship. When you calculate the time of every person in a meeting, meetings are not small investments. Thus, an unnecessary meeting robs energy and time from something else much more important. Some meetings could have been an email. Here are three indicators.... Read More

5 Do’s and Don’ts to Help Pastors and Ministers at Christmas and in the New Year

With the Christmas season here – and really thinking into the new year – I thought I would share a few things you can do and a few things not to do to support the ministers you probably love. The reality is the December calendar is packed with activities – as they are for everyone. The difference is many times a pastor doesn’t feel the freedom to control their schedule. People in ministry have accepted a call of God to care for people. Most ministers have a hard time saying no to people and can easily become overwhelmed with the never-ending demands of their time. That’s especially true during certain times of the year. If a minister is not careful, they will spend so much time with others their own family will feel neglected. With that in mind, here are a few suggestions to support your pastor or minister.... Read More

Chris Brown on Pastors, Personal Finances and Creating Margin [Podcast]

Money. It’s a problem if you have it and if you don’t. Today, I sit down with Chris Brown, who each week speaks to millions of people through radio and his podcasts about getting through the struggle of money. We dig into why church leaders often have such a strange relationship with money. Read More

4 Personal Elements to Help Your Preaching Connect to the Lost & Unchurched

Our Sunday sermons are not preached in rooms full of lost and unchurch people. We do hope and pray some are present. We must be mindful of their presence in our sermons. We do not need entire services geared toward the lost and unchurched. Neither do sermons need entire sections dedicated each week for the lost and unchurched people. Rather, there are personal elements we can strive to incorporate into our preaching that can help us connect to the lost and unchurched, and in turn, lead them to connect with Jesus and His church. Read More

Our Relatives and Friends Without Christ

I once heard a professor say, “Tragedy is anything that happens to an unbeliever.” Believers have it better. In fact, all that happens to believers works out for good (Rom 8:28). The unbeliever’s supposed good times, the mercies that he receives which ought to lead him to repentance, will bring him pain. Mercies that are sinned against, augment future punishment. They are temporary mercies, but eternal loss. Read More

Why We Get Religious About ‘Star Wars’

What accounts for our religious devotion—and our need to shoehorn 'Star Wars' into our own theology? Read More

Christianity Growing in N. India amid Hindu Hostility

Missionaries in northern India say Hindu extremists are increasingly trying to entrap them with trumped-up accusations of forced conversions. But the rise in persecution isn't dissuading true converts, who are turning to Christ in larger numbers, according to new census data. Read More

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