Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday Roundup: Seven Articles and Three Podcasts

10 Things I Have Learned Leading Church Change

...change, no matter how necessary, is never easy. Along the way, I have learned a few things. I share this knowing over fifty percent of the readers of this blog are in ministry. Hopefully some of what we’ve learned will help others. Read more

Four Ways to Adjust Your Leadership Style to Fit Your Team

Great leaders are servants of those they lead. Because each person on a leadership team is unique, wise leaders lead each person differently. Instead of insisting that every person adjust to the leader, great leaders adjust to those they lead. Here are four practical ways to adjust to those you lead.... Read more

Episode 21: The Nuts and Bolts of Small Groups [Podcast]

Learn how to structure your small groups and ensure that mission isn’t relegated to an afterthought. Read more

Re-Engaging the Dechurched: Lessons From Burning Man

Here are three themes that emerged as we interviewed “Burners.” We believe these can help us better reach out to the younger, dechurched, spiritually seeking generation. Read more

Traditional Compline Service Draws Millennials

Christ Church Anglican in Georgia attracts college students with Sunday night liturgical service. Read more
A word of caution, I believe, is in order. Readers would be wise not to conclude from articles like this one that the use of ancient liturgies is the best approach to reach and engage Millenials. Statistical research, as Ed Stetzer has pointed out, does not support this often heard claim. Millenials are a diverse generation. Only one segment of that generation is drawn to liturgical forms of worship and it is not a particularly large segment. In the coming weeks I'll be reporting on the progress of Journey Nights, a new worship gathering that the Journey Church, Murray, Kentucky, is launching in the new year. It is targeted at Murray State University students and other young adults. It will employ an entirely different approach. The wisest course to my mind is to adopt a variety of approaches in our efforts to reach and engage the unchurched and not to become wed to one approach. 
Episode 20: Missional Living, Models, and Discipleship [Podcast]

Learn how to better integrate mission into the everyday rhythms of your church. Read more

Nine Reasons Christians Don’t Evangelize – Rainer on Leadership #183 [Podcast]

On today’s episode, we discuss a recent post by Chuck Lawless on why we don’t evangelize as well as ways to encourage evangelism in your church. Read more

Study: No Place Like Church for the Holidays

Christmas is a great time to invite someone to church, according to a new study. Read more

Four Reasons for Decline of Religion

Steven Reiss, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at Ohio State University offers his take on the decline of religion in the United States. Read more

Vintage Church Fights to Stay Open Amidst Neighbor Complaints and Criminal Summons

A church in New Orleans has filed suit because its pastor has been issued a criminal summons for the church being too loud. Read more

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