Friday, December 04, 2015

Weekend Roundup: Nine Articles and One Podcast

Seven Reasons to Celebrate Advent

...though it is not a mandated observance in Scripture, there are profitable reasons to consider making Advent part of your holiday rhythm. Here are seven potential benefits of observing Advent. Read more

Unprecedented, All Over Again

3 of today's crises the church has faced before. Read more

The Top 10 Year-End Fiscal Tasks

Use this list to make sure your financial accounting is sound for the end of the fiscal year. Read more

The Great Importance of Pastoral Tenure – Rainer on Leadership #180 [Podcast]

On today’s episode, we discuss the connection between pastoral tenure and church health. We continue to see a pattern of healthy churches led by long-term pastors.Read more

5 Lightbulb Realizations that Clarify Small Group Ministry

Have you ever suddenly noticed something so obvious and then wondered how in the world you could have missed it before? Read more

The 8 Best Ways to Spread Information to Your Congregation

Use these different tools—both print and online—to effectively communicate to everyone in your church. Read more

Every Idle Word: 8 Cautions for Ministers on Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool for good, for evil, and for mischief. These eight ideas can help keep conversations civil and reputations intact. Read more

The megachurch boom rolls on, but big concerns are rising too

Change is coming to American megachurches — those behemoths for believers that now dot the religious landscape. Read more

Researchers Reveal Recent Shifts Among American Megachurches

Fewer seats, more Communion among findings by Leadership Network and Hartford Institute. Read more

“Cleansing the Caliphate:” ISIS and Genocide of Christians

Reports that the White House will declare that the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has committed genocide against Iraqi Yazidis, but not against Christians, are of grave concern. Omitting Christians would be a strategic mistake because ISIS’ spiritual legitimacy depends on their promise to cleanse the “Caliphate” of infidel Christians. The U.S. must name Christians in a genocide declaration in order to protect the innocent, to undermine ISIS’ ability to project strength through terror, and to weaken its global recruiting efforts. Read more

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