Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Midweek Roundup: "5 Secret Objections to Change" and More

5 Secret Objections to Change

Show me an objection to legitimate, needed change and you’re almost guaranteed to find one of these hidden in the crowd somewhere. Probably multiples of them. Read More

Seven Reasons Not to Play the Lottery

Here are seven reasons, among others, I have often rehearsed to make the case that you should not gamble with your money in this way. Read More

10 Steps to Win Over Pornography

We’ve now finished another year—a year of victory for some and defeat for others. Like every year for the past several years, I watched in 2015 as more church leaders fell into the trap of pornography. I would love for 2016 to be a year with no friends falling, but I doubt that will be the case. Perhaps these proposed steps to win over pornography will at least slow the rate of failures.... Read More

3 Reasons to Keep Praying

God not only does not mind us praying the same thing over and over again; He actually wants us to, and here are three reasons why.... Read More

5 Marriage Landmines to Avoid When Change Comes

Here are five marriage landmines I’ve seen too many people step on as they consider a new pastoral position. Avoid them and you’ll avoid putting unnecessary stress on your family during your next move. Read More

Why We Talk About Sin

Christians do not talk about sin simply as an exercise in realism, but because we have good news to bring. Read More

'Insider Movements' book called 'dangerous'

Eight Southern Baptist missiologists published a lengthy rejoinder Jan. 5 to a recent book advocating the controversial "Insider Movements," calling its views "theologically dangerous." The book's authors claim converts to Christianity can continue identifying with their previous religious community while following Jesus. Read More

Ed Stetzer: Why I Stand With Wheaton College

The world heard that Wheaton placed a professor on administrative leave. Most heard that they did so for wearing a hijab, which is not true, but that does not stop the media in some cases. On the campus, and in some of the better stories, it said that Wheaton suspended her because of her theological statements. And, that’s true. So, here’s why that not only does not deter my interest in Wheaton, it piques it. Read More

Wheaton is planning to fire professor who said Muslims and Christians worship the same God

Wheaton College, an evangelical college in Illinois, had placed associate professor of political science Larycia Hawkins on administrative leave after she made a controversial theological statement on Facebook that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. The school has now begun the process to fire her due to an “impasse,” it said in a statement released on Tuesday. Read More

Wheaton College Recommends Terminating Tenured Professor over 'Same God' Comments

Chicago Tribune praised 'remarkable tolerance' of both sides, but school still unsatisfied with Larycia Hawkins's reasons for wearing a hijab. Read More

Supreme Court Justice Scalia: Constitution says government can favor religion

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia is never shy about voicing his strong, and strongly conservative, opinions about the role of religion in American society, and he has once again made headlines with what he called a “sermon” in which he said the US Constitution can favor religion over “nonreligion.” Read More

15 Christians arrested after prayer meeting interrupted by Hindu extremists

Fifteen Christians were arrested for alleged forced conversions in Karnataka, India after the church they were praying in was surrounded. Read More

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