Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Midweek Roundup: "The Nine Forms of Generic Vision That Stifle Practically Every Church" and Much More

The Nine Forms of Generic Vision That Stifle Practically Every Church

Most pastors are visionaries. But to fully realize the vision of a church, a pastor needs more than a generic sense of the future. Read More

How Churches Can Help the 93 Percent of U.S. Counties That Haven’t Recovered From Recession

With preparation...local churches can find creative ways to help alleviate the economic burdens in our counties. Here are three suggestions for what churches and Christians can do to help our neighbors. Read More

Did Judas Receive the Bread and the Cup?

Here’s how the events may have unfolded at the last supper. Read More

Six Things You Need to Know about Pastors Who Leave Their Ministry

How do we respond to these issues? How can we be greater supporters of our pastors and staff so they don’t feel like they have to leave the church? Read More

Five pieces of advice for struggling pastors

Ministers are leaving the pastorate early, according to a new survey from LifeWay Research – and the high fallout rates are avoidable. Read More

Pastor, Teach Your People How to Walk with God pastors, it is incumbent upon us to teach people the Word of God. One of the premiere principles we must teach them is how to walk with God personally. Read More

7 Deadly Sins of Re-Inventing Your Youth Ministry

...I’d like to suggest Seven Sins of Ministry Re-Invention. They are all phrased as assumptions; because our assumptions provide mental maps that lead to action (good or misguided) or inaction. Some of these assumptions keep us from change; but I’m assuming that you’ll get the gist of those quickly. So I’m focusing more on assumptive sins that mask as progress. Here we go! Read More

J. I. Packer's Rare Puritan Library Now Digitized to Be Read Online for Free

The John Richard Allison Library in Vancouver—which hosts the joint collections of Regent College and Carey Theological College—has now made available their entire rare Puritan collection to be read online for free. What a gift of modern technology to help us recover these gifts from the church of the past. There are currently 80 Puritan authors in their collection, many of whose works were digitized from J. I. Packer’s private library. Read More

Study: Lack of support reason pastors leave pastorate

No sabbatical. No help with counseling. No clear picture of what's expected. In a new study, hundreds of former senior pastors say these were the crucial elements missing from the final churches they led before quitting the pastorate. Read More

Conflict and burnout among top reasons pastors quit

Sometimes a call from God is not enough to keep a pastor in his post. Read More

What Arab Christians Think of Wheaton-Hawkins 'Same God' Debate

Controversy echoes what Mideast Christians have wrestled with for centuries. Read More

Open Doors: Syria and Iraq are 'the tip of the iceberg' – there has never been a worse time to be a Christian

There has never been a worse time to be a Christian, according to persecution charity Open Doors who will launch their annual report this afternoon. Read More

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