Friday, January 15, 2016

Reactions to the Canterbury Communique (UPDATED)

I am posting reactions to the Canterbury Communique in a section of their own along with media reports on the outcome of the Primates Gathering in Canterbury. These reports reflect the reactions of the media to the Primates' decision to impose sanctions on the Episcopal Church USA for its position on same sex marriage. 

Primates Meeting: What you need to know about why gay marriage could still split the Church

The Primates Meeting at Canterbury yesterday suspended the US Episcopal Church (TEC) from membership for three years because of its endorsement of same-sex marriage. The move was the result of battles within the Communion over the issue which had lasted years, with conservatives particularly from Africa leading the charge for tradition and liberals from North America keen to be more relaxed. However, there's more to it than meets the eye. Read More

Archbishop of Canterbury apologises for 'hurt and pain' caused to gay community

The Archbishop of Canterbury today announced the next Lambeth Conference will be in 2020, indicating the success of this week's gathering of Anglican Primates in maintaining the unity of the Anglican Communion. Read More

GAFCON January 14, 2016 Statement on the Primates Gathering

The Anglican Communion is our spiritual home and the GAFCON Primates travelled to England in the hope that godly faith and order could be restored through renewed obedience to the Bible. Read More

Anglican Network in Canada’s Bishop Charlie Masters Statement on the Canterbury Communique

Once Primates had finally addressed the issue of discipline, it was time for Archbishop Beach to quietly step away from the remainder of the meeting as ACNA had committed itself to only continue at the meeting if TEC and the ACoC had stepped away and until repentance and godly order were restored. The ACoC remained and, although mild sanctions were applied to TEC, its Primate also remained in the meeting. Read More

Archbishop Foley Beach's Statement on the Canterbury Communique

The sanctions are strong, but they are not strong enough, and to my deep disappointment, they didn’t include the Anglican Church of Canada as they should. Read More

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry's Statement on the Canterbury Communique

This is not the outcome we expected, and while we are disappointed, it’s important to remember that the Anglican Communion is really not a matter of structure and organization. The Anglican Communion is a network of relationships.... Read More

Bishop of Northwest Texas responds to the Canterbury primates communique--New 

What is clear is that our membership in the Anglican Communion remains intact, and The Episcopal Church remains the Anglican presence in our part of North America. Moreover, this action will not affect the ongoing relational work of dioceses and congregations carrying out Gospel imperatives with our communion partners. Read More
This article and the following article may typify the reaction of Episcopalians to the news of the reduction of the Episcopal Church to observer status in a number of Anglican Communion bodies. The first reaction is that it is no major loss; the second reaction is one of outrage and defiance.
Episcopal Church leader announces she will defy primates ban--New

...the primates do not have authority over the Anglican Consultative Council, the worldwide body of bishops, clergy and lay people that facilitates the cooperative work of the churches of the Anglican Communion. I serve as a representative to that body...and I am planning to travel to Zambia for our scheduled meeting in April and to participate fully. Read More

Inside the Canterbury primates gathering--New

Somewhere in the interplay of personalities, cultures and beliefs of the archbishops gathered this week in the crypt of Canterbury Cathedral is a great novel waiting to be written. This isn't it. Read More

Episcopal Church Won't Back Down On Gay Rights Despite Censure--New 

The Anglican Communion voted to censure its American branch, the Episcopal Church, during a meeting in Canterbury, England, called to reflect on the future of the communion. Read More

Gavin Ashenden looks at the implications of the Canterbury primates meeting--New

...the decision to divide into two kinds of Anglican across the world has been delayed for three years. During those three years trajectories will have become clearer and events we cannot yet foresee may well act as catalysts for further change and reconfigurations. Read More

Anglicans penalize U.S. church over gay marriage to avoid schism--New

The Anglican Church has slapped sanctions on its liberal U.S. branch for supporting same-sex marriage, a move that averted a formal schism in the world's third-largest Christian denomination but left deep divisions unresolved. Read More

Episcopal Church Suspended from Anglican Communion over Same-Sex Marriage

US province demoted to ‘observer status' for three years. Conservatives still want more sanctions and repentance. Read More

Anglican Curmudgeon: On the Death of the Anglican Communion

My prediction about the sun setting on the breakup of the Anglican Communion is coming true, even as I write before the final session of the primates gathered at Canterbury. Read More

Anglicans step back from brink of schism over homosexuality

The worldwide Anglican church has taken a step back from the brink of break-up - but voted to partially exclude its liberal American branch because of its stance on homosexuality. Read More

Anglicans Suspend Episcopal Church Over Pro-Gay Marriage Stance

Leaders representing 88 million Anglicans have decided to suspend the U.S.-based, theologically liberal Episcopal Church for its pro-gay marriage position.Read More

Anglican Church Disciplines U.S. Episcopals Over Gay Marriages

After 13 years of rancor over conflicting views on homosexuality, the archbishops of the Anglican Communion have voted to impose sanctions for three years on the Episcopal Church, the American branch of the Communion, for its decision last summer to allow clergy to perform same-sex marriages, church officials said Thursday. Read More

Anglican church avoids split over gay rights – but liberals pay price

A permanent split in the global Anglican communion over gay rights has been averted after archbishops overwhelmingly agreed to impose sanctions against the liberal US church and issue a statement in support of the “traditional doctrine” that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Read More

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