Saturday, January 30, 2016

Saturday Lagniappe: "12 Church Enemies" and More

12 Church Enemies

Every pastor will eventually have to face enemies within the church, people who are dedicated to damage and even destroy them. As these enemies have a range of motives and methods, and can be deadly if not recognized early, here’s a selection of the kinds of enemies that can be found in many churches (some belong to more than one category – some belong to all!) Read More

6 Reasons Why Church Leaders Are Afraid to Talk About Money

The unfortunate avoidance of finances. Read More

The Most Dangerous Place On Earth

There is no more dangerous place to be than where the direct, straightforward teaching of the Word of God confronts dead religion. Read More

4 questions every church should ask a missionary candidate

For every missionary candidate, pastors and churches need to take the time to ask probing questions. Read More

Clergy could soon be allowed to take services in jeans and hoodies

Now the habit of dressing down on Sundays is to become legal for the first time as the General Synod prepares to debate a new law to allow clergy to wear casual clothes during services so long as they make sure to be "seemly". This even takes in dress deemed appropriate for youth services, such as jeans and hoodies. Read More

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