Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Roundup: "Three Ways to Define and Demystify Ministry Strategy"and More

Three Ways to Define and Demystify Ministry Strategy

To organize and direct the flock well requires ministry strategy. Strategy can sound very overwhelming, so here are three ways to define and demystify strategy.... Read More

The Character of the Christian: Above Reproach

I told you last week about a new series that looks at the character of the Christian. What I mean to do is explore how the character qualifications of elders are actually God’s calling on all Christians. While elders are meant to exemplify these traits, all Christians are to display them. I want us to consider whether we actually do display these traits and to learn together how we can pray to have them in greater measure. Read More
Also see "The Character of a Christian."
5 Reasons Leaders Tend to Micromanage

As I work in the ministry world, however, it seems very common for micromanagement to be present. It could be a pastor who wants to control everything or a church governance that controls the pastor. And, by observation, I’ve learned there are common excuses for micromanagement. Here are some reasons leaders resort to micromanaging.... Read More

11 Ways to Protect Your Spirit from the Demands of Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral ministry can be hazardous to our spiritual health. But it doesn’t need to be. Read More

Eight Reasons Your Church Should Have an Email Newsletter

Instead of relying on a weekly bulletin or a brief 2-minute announcement time in the service, consider using an email newsletter to more effectively communicate with guests and members. Read More

Modes of Mission: A Missional Practice

What can we learn from Paul when it comes to living on mission? Read More

Study: monthly porn exposure the norm for teens

Half of teenagers and nearly three-quarters of young adults come across pornography at least monthly, and both groups on average consider viewing pornographic images less immoral than failing to recycle. Read More

More than one in ten pastors struggle with porn, survey finds

Fourteen per cent of senior pastors and 21 per cent of youth pastors struggle with using pornography, a new Barna Group survey has found. Read More

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