Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday Roundup: "What Christians Should Look for in 2016" and Much More

What Christians Should Look for in 2016

Looking at the direction of the culture, the shape of trends, and the current challenges we face, here’s a handful of ideas to look for in 2016. I strongly recommend that you share this with pastors, ministry and nonprofit leaders you know, because from a media perspective, these are the critical areas that I believe we should focus our messages on in the coming year.... Read More

Incubation: Multiplication by Addition (Part 2)

Ray Chang shares part two of his series on how established churches can assist church plants. Read More

How to Make Your Case

Turn a vision of tomorrow into a plan others can see for themselves and join. Read More

Diagnosing and Changing Church Culture

What you need to know about your past to move forward Read More

Three Common Idols in Churches

God’s people still struggle with taking tools for transformation and making them objects of worship. Here are three common idols in churches.... Read More

Five ways to make your church more youth-friendly (without putting the older people off)

...when we make changes to engage one group of people better, we inevitably risk creating barriers for another. It's a tightrope, but it's one worth walking; here are a few ideas for how to make your church feel more welcoming to young people, which won't put the rest of the congregation's nose out of joint.... Read More

Become an Adoption-Friendly Church

Scripture calls Christ-followers to reach out and care for others, looking after orphans in their distress (James 1:27). How can your church play a role in helping people follow the biblical mandate? Check out these ideas on becoming an adoption-friendly church.... Read More

Raising Up Encouragers

Three days ago, I remembered my friend and mentor Dave Long who has just passed into glory. He was a great encourager. When I was in college, he had our Men-In-Training group do a character study of Barnabas. That study ultimately gave rise to the following article on Barnabas and growing in encouragement that I posted four years ago. If the Lord has taken one great encourager from the earth in the last week, then surely he wants to raise up many more among those who remain. So, read and be encouraged to look around today for someone to encourage. Read More

7 Things Every Leader Needs to Quit Immediately

I’ve often wished I could say something to every leader. Some things I’ve learned the hard way. I often share things leadership should do, but today I thought I’d share some things not to do. Read More

7 Signs You May Have Peaked As A Leader

No leader wants to peak. And even fewer leaders wants to peak early. I suppose at some point we all peak. But, personally, I’m shooting for that to happen at age 85…or 90. Yet, peaking happens regularly in leadership; leaders who were great stop being great, even years (or decades) before they retire. How does that.... Read More

12 Must-Know Tips for Senior Pastors

Alan Danielson offers an “indispensable” list of tips for top-level leaders in the church today. Read More

What I’ve Learned About the Bible

Today, as never before, the character of the Bible is publicly attacked as cruel and oppressive, and those who uphold the historic view of its truthfulness are seen in the same light. There’s enormous social pressure on Christians to abandon the historic understanding of the inspiration and authority of the Scripture and the role it should play in our lives. Read More

Seven Social Media Tips to Begin the Year

The beginning of a year is an ideal time to refresh and update your personal and church social media accounts. Read More

Made in China: The Next Mass Missionary Movement

Chinese Christians plan to send 20,000 missionaries by 2030. Read More

Germany’s brutal immigrant awakening

The mass assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, in the shadow of Germany’s most historic and beautiful cathedral, are destined to become a defining moment in the immigration debate that is tearing Europe apart. Read More

Christian refugees exposed to 'brutal harassment' in German camps

Christian refugees are exposed to "brutal harassment" in German camps, an Orthodox priest has warned.... Read More

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