Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Tuesday Roundup: "Leading People to Be Driven By God’s Purpose" and More

Leading People to Be Driven By God’s Purpose

Every member of your congregation is driven by something, and you need to discover what those forces are in order to better disciple those under your care. Ultimately, you want to lead each member to be driven by God’s agenda – to live a purpose-driven life. Read More

Trends to Watch for in 2016 (part one) – Rainer on Leadership #187 [Podcast]

On today’s episode, we examine the first half of my 16 trends to watch for in 2016. We will cover the second half of the trends in podcast #188. Read More

Terms for the Covenant

Reformed theology, as many have said, is covenant theology, for the concept of covenant has shaped the development of Reformed thinking. Read More

Lay Aside the Weight of Slander

Because of its poisonous power, it is one of the adversary’s chief strategies to divide relationships and deter and derail the mission of the church. Read More

A Sobering Reality Leaders Must Recognize

But here is a sobering reality for leaders: The negative traits of leaders are amplified through the organization, and the positive traits are muffled. Another way to say this: A leader’s negative traits spread further and faster than a leader’s positive traits. Read More

Transition Without Relocation: 8 Steps to Stay Fresh In a Long-Term Pastorate

A pastor who stops learning, stops leading. And a pastor who stops leading, stops pastoring. Even if they stay on the job. Read More

A Call to Pray for Our Enemies

I am grieved that some influential pastors and Christian leaders eagerly call for the bombing of regions that will inevitably lead to the destruction of human life (innocent image-bearers who suffer as collateral damage), and do so without tears and a broken heart. So what are we to do as Christians—not first as Americans, but first as followers of Jesus? Much more can be said about these complex issues, but here are three simple, biblical calls to the body of Christ. Read More

Blowing the Dust Off the Ol' Website

As you are making plans for improvements and growth in the new year, let me encourage you to consider a few ways that you could improve your website — whether you are the company owner, an employee, or someone operating a personal website. Based on my 22 years of work in online marketing, here are some items worthy of your new year’s review. Read More

The 12 Golden Rules of Email Courtesy

The following recommendations are motivated by the twin concerns to use email efficiently and courteously; some are motivated more by the one than the other.... Taken as general guidelines, however, I believe they will assist the cause of human courtesy. Read More

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