Friday, January 15, 2016

Weekend Roundup: "7 Reasons Every Church Should Be Involved in Church Planting" and More

7 Reasons Every Church Should Be Involved in Church Planting

I’m a late fan of church planting—not because I didn’t believe in it years ago, but more because I wasn’t exposed much to planting in my early years of ministry. Now years later, I’m a member of a church plant and a strong proponent of church planting. In fact, I think every church ought to be involved in church planting in some way. Here’s why.... Read More

Increasing Commitment with Long-Range Thinking

What makes you think weekly participation of your programs is helping people experience God’s larger story? Read More

I Don’t Want to Win the Lottery

Whether the prize is a few bucks or a billion, Scripture warns against becoming ‘greedy for gain.’ Read More

What’s So Dangerous About Grace?

Biblical scholar John Barclay explains why Paul shocked his religious peers—and reminds us how radical the gospel really is. Read More

3 Signs of a Sick Team Culture

...what should you do when you know your church’s culture is sick? Read More

How To Avoid Losing Your Team’s Talented Leaders

There is a difference between hiring talented leaders and retaining talented leaders. Retaining talented leaders is far more difficult as this recent story will attest. Read More

7 Shifts For Missional Groups

The core ministry of a church will determine the trajectory of the whole church. Read More

How to Grow Discipleship in Your Church, featuring Robby Gallaty – Rainer on Leadership #190 [Podcast]

On today’s episode, pastor and author Robby Gallaty joins us to talk discipleship in the local church. Robby has several resources available to believers and churches to help with making disciples who make disciples.Read More

Crossway: Why J.I. Packer's Ministry Has Ended

Publisher reveals respected author and speaker is going blind. Read More
With J. I. Packer's loss of vision the Anglican Church in North America loses its only theologian of note.
J. I. Packer, 89, On Losing Sight But Seeing Christ

“Over Christmas macular degeneration struck so that I can no longer read or write.” Read More

How The Narnia Franchise Plans To Reboot With The Silver Chair

Between 2005 and 2010, The Chronicles Of Narnia slowly, but surely, entertained fans of the franchise with a theatrical adaptation of a world they'd previously only dreamed of. Those fans are going to be both thrilled and saddened with the news that The Silver Chair - the fourth book in C.S. Lewis' fantasy series, is indeed coming to the silver screen. But with such good news, how could a fan be upset? Read More

Anglican Primates agree to set fixed, common date for Easter

Anglican leaders meeting in Canterbury this week have agreed for the first time to work with Orthodox Christian leaders to move towards a fixed date for Easter. Read More

The ‘Same God’ Debate Is Too Important to Leave to Philosophers

Given the fundamental differences between the Muslim and Christian concepts of God, it would be surprising if there existed some knock-down philosophical argument that both groups worship the same God. An intelligent non-philosopher could reasonably conclude instead that any theory leading to that conclusion must be incorrect. Read More

Kenyans protest new rules requiring clergy to hold theological degrees

A government plan to regulate religious groups is shaping into a bitter fight, with Christian and Muslim leaders protesting that it tramples religious freedom. Read More

Turkey: Christians fear state interference in churches

Religious minorities fear that state interference in churches could increase, after a request was made for the government to fund the salaries of clergy and pastoral workers. Read More

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