Friday, January 22, 2016

Weekend Roundup: "9 Things That Will Still Be True for Your Church in 10 Years" and Much More

9 Things That Will Still Be True for Your Church in 10 Years

Here are some areas where our churches can have impact for a long time to come! Read More

Six Warning Signs of Church Dropouts – Rainer on Leadership #192 [Podcast] 

On today’s episode, Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe cover six early indicators that someone might be on the verge of dropping out. These reasons are common in any size church, but many are reversible with the implementation of a monitoring system. Read More

8 Ways to Grow in the Fear of God

In his book The Forgotten Fear, Albert Martin lists eight “specific directives for maintaining and increasing the fear of God in our hearts.” What follows are his eight directives along with summaries of each point in his own words (lightly tweaked). Consider following these strategies for your own growth in Christlikeness. Read More

Five practical things you can do to help tackle homelessness

As the temperatures have dropped across the UK and the US over the last few weeks, minds have turned to those who are spending their nights on the streets. So, there's no better time for churches to celebrate Homeless Sunday. For the past 20 years, this day has been bringing together churches for prayer, study and action on homelessness. Read More

Ministering to People With Addiction: The First Step

The future can tiptoe in any day: One morning you’re leading worship, and in he walks, clearly high on something. Or you are in the office of the suburban church that you pastor, preparing for Sunday’s sermon, and she knocks on your door, asking for advice about her husband’s compulsive use of porn. Or your worship leader begins showing up to practice with the smell of liquor on his breath. Read More

Can I Be Forgiven If I’ve Had an Abortion?

Without delving into the theological technicalities, let me say categorically that there is no biblical evidence to support the idea and considerable evidence to deny that abortion is the unforgivable sin. Read More

Help Your Team Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout

It can be tough enough to manage your own stress. But how can you, as a manager, help the members of your team handle their feelings of stress, burnout, or disengagement? Read More

Pastor, Teach Your People How to Walk With God pastors, it is incumbent upon us to teach people the Word of God. One of the premiere principles we must teach them is how to walk with God personally. Read More

5 Sure-fire Ways To Get Better As A Communicator When You Plateau

So you really want to get better as a communicator. Great. But how do you do it? Especially when you plateau? Read More

What to say when someone asks for proof of God's existence

"There isn't enough evidence." It seems so reasonable. It's what any sensible person would ask. Where is the evidence? Why should it be so difficult to believe in Christ? Read More

Abortion: A Rational Look at An Emotional Issue—Free eBook

Today marks the 43rd anniversary of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision. In light of this, Reformation Trust is making the ebook edition of R.C. Sproul’s Abortion: A Rational Look at An Emotional Issue free to download until the end of the month. We encourage you to download this ebook and share it with your family, friends, and church community. Learn More

Senior bishop speaks out against fixing the date of Easter

A prominent conservative evangelical bishop has warned against fixing the date of Easter to the same Sunday each year. Read More

Study: Americans share conflicting views on sports gambling

Wagering on sports isn't morally wrong, most Americans say -- but nearly half think it should be illegal anyway, a newly-released study shows. Read More
Gambling, like excessive drinking and substance abuse, is a social evil. It is addictive and can cause harm to the gambler, his family, and society. Online gambling is especially pernicious. The actual harm gambling does far outweighs any perceived benefits.
Religion in America: An Interview With Greg Smith of the Pew Research Center

Greg Smith, of Pew Research Center, recently shared his perspective on religion in the United States with me. Read More

Americans more 'spiritual' even if less religious, survey finds

Americans are becoming more spiritual although religion is on the decline, according to figures from Pew Research. Read More

United Kingdom: Public's trust in clergy plummets

Clergy are now less trusted than ordinary people on the street, it has emerged, as a new survey reveals that what was once the most trusted profession has since plummeted in the public's eye. Read More

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