Thursday, February 18, 2016

3 Reasons People Don’t Come Back to Your Church

It is true: churches do let Christians down, and it’s important that you and I do our best for those who call our churches home.

But people who don’t go to church much (or at all) typically don’t make those kinds of comments. People who are far from God or disenfranchised from the church aren’t picky. In fact, they want to know what we stand for and respect bold leadership. They come hungry, or hurting, or hoping; maybe a friend nagged them for months, and they finally came. They aren’t concerned about masterful communication of the message. They are wondering if the whole thing will be weird or the people are strange, or if they’ll be embarrassed. They wonder if it will be real and people will care.

When it comes to people who are not highly churched, I think there are three big reasons they leave (or don’t come back).... Read More

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