Saturday, February 20, 2016

4 Ways Big Sunday School Classes are Hurting the Church

If you asked a dozen teachers what the purpose of Sunday School is, you’d hear a variety of things – there would not be consensus among them. Some would argue that Bible study is the primary reason Sunday School exists. Another person would passionately plea that evangelism is the number one goal. Still others would say fellowship or ministry to others are the main reasons why groups exist.

I believe that Sunday School groups exist to make disciples. The Great Commission is at the core of what churches are supposed to be about. We should be able to measure our effectiveness against that biblical mandate.

You may be a member of a large Sunday School class, or your church may allow large groups to exist in their Sunday School structure. Large groups are normally have an attendance of 25+ people, sometimes bordering on 40-50, and in some cases even more. I have spoken to group leaders who proudly say theirs is the largest group in their church. The teacher puffs up, sticks out his chest, and lets me know that his group has the most people, and everyone in the church knows it – and knows what a good teacher he is. I grimace when I am a part of those conversations, because large groups actually hurt the church. Here are four ways those big groups are not helping the church.... Read More

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