Monday, February 22, 2016

Cultural Trends Pastors Should Recognize

Every generation has to consider their context as they live out the mission

An author friend of mine claims our modern church methodology can reach only 30 percent of people in the West. Further, he says we have already reached those 30 percent and that we need to explore other ways to reach the 70 percent who would not attend a church gathering.

Re-read that last sentence and let it marinate for a moment.

There is no research to validate that claim (and I told him that). However, the percentages have gained some traction among pastors, who are now rethinking their evangelistic strategies and the role their church plays in reaching others.

That’s probably a good thing.

And, I think he is on to something...I just don’t like stats without evidence!

In reality, the most effective evangelistic methodology right now is probably people bringing their friends to a church gathering. But we should examine the current trends to see where the church and culture are headed.Read More

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