Monday, February 01, 2016

Monday Roundup: "Three Thoughts on How to Design a Ministry Strategy" and More

Three Thoughts on How to Design a Ministry Strategy

A local church’s strategy must be connected to discipleship. If mission is what, and strategy is how – then a ministry strategy is how a church will accomplish the mission of making disciples. A strategy not connected to making disciples is a strategy that fulfills a mission other than the one Christ gave His Church. Read More

10 Benefits To Being A Church Volunteer

As I reflect on the last three decades of my life, the following are 10 Benefits Of Being A Volunteer At A Local Church.... Read More

Five Common Reasons Church Members Burnout

Such are some of the symptoms of church member burnout. But what are the causes? Here are five common causes. Read More

The Secret to a Happy Life

James is sometimes called the “New Testament book of Proverbs.” That’s because of passages such as James 4 that give us a series of loosely linked aphorisms of practical, godly wisdom. Read More

10 Things You Can Do Today to Improve as a Leader

As much as leaders desire improvement, many leaders wonder where they should go to grow. Read More

Four Ways To Empower And Improve Communication

Nothing will equip and empower you for success as much as the words you choose when communicating with others. And when you communicate with confidence in yourself and your Creator, you will shine. Here are four standards to follow when communicating with others. Read More

4 Cultural Challenges to Discipleship

It’s important...for us, the people of the walk on the way to recognize some of the factors that make this walk so arduous sometimes. Read More

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