Monday, February 15, 2016

Tuesday Roundup: "Insights on Millennials From a Millennial Leader" and More

Insights on Millennials From a Millennial Leader. An Interview with Jonathan Pearson [Podcast]

So, what are the strengths and weaknesses of leaders under 35? Read More

5 Websites to Help Your Church Grow This Easter

At Church Leader Strategies, we’ve found 5 websites that have resources that will not only help you get prepared, but they will also help you put in place some strategies that will lead to growth. From leadership training to giving to volunteers, these websites have what you need to grow this Easter. Read More

7 Things I Miss About Church Planting in an Established Church

Recently, I was reflecting with one of our staff members who has never served in a church plant. As we shared stories, he was fascinated by how different things were at times in church planting versus the established church. Our conversation reminded me – as much as I love the established church – there are some things I miss about church planting – just being honest. Read More

Trend #3 for the Future of Church Planting: Residencies and Theological Education

Churches and seminaries should work together in theological education. Read More

When Two Values Collide, Development Must Win

Often in a ministry or organization, stated and/or unstated values will collide. When two values are at apparent odds with one another, leaders must decide which value wins. If a collision occurs, leaders must declare which value will be primary. A common example in church ministry is the tension between two commonly held values: leadership development and excellence. Let me illustrate.... Read More

Online Resources for Biblical Exegesis

Here’s a selection of articles on biblical exegesis that I’ve gathered over the years from various blogs and websites. Please feel free to suggest more and I’ll add them. Read More

Misperceptions about Missionaries Part 2

Yesterday, Chuck Lawless posted ten misperceptions about missionaries. Here are ten more misperceptions.... Read More

How to Create an Evangelistic Culture in Your Church [Video]

As Christians we know that engaging unbelievers with the gospel ought to mark our lives. We know Jesus’s command to “make disciples” is for all believers, not just pastors and missionaries. But many of us struggle to apply this knowledge. How does sharing your faith become a way of life? How can church leaders create among their people an evangelistic culture rather than just another evangelistic program? Watch Now

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