Monday, February 22, 2016

Seven Ways to Fight Mission and Strategy Entropy

The second law of thermodynamics is about entropy: things move to disorder and chaos over time. This principle surrounds our daily lives. A well-ordered garage digresses to clutter; a cluttered garage never becomes an organized one without intervention. Our bodies, without exercise and care, experience muscle atrophy. Left alone our muscles grow weaker, not stronger.

Ministries and organizations face entropy too.

Richard Rumelt, in his book Good Strategy, Bad Strategy stated that organizations continually drift to disorganization because of the inevitable pull of organizational entropy.

Because of entropy, mission can lose its potency and strategy can lose its clarity. Without constant care, mission and strategy grow weaker, not stronger. (Mission is what an organization or ministry is on the planet for, and strategy is how the mission is accomplished.) Without leadership, people will drift away from mission. Without intentionality, a focused strategy will wander to disorder.

Leaders must fight the entropy that threatens to dilute mission and strategy. Here are seven ways.... Read More

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