Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Tuesday Roundup: "6 Signs Silos Exist in Your Organization" and Much More

6 Signs Silos Exist in Your Organization

Silos exist when areas within an organization conduct their activities without the consideration of the organization’s other areas. They operate in an unhealthy vacuum. Silos can occur in almost any organization, including ministries. When they do exist, leaders will find themselves struggling to move their organization forward and experience a deteriorating staff moral. For the trained eye (and ear), the presence of silos is relatively easy to spot. Here are 6 signs that silos exist in your organization.... Read More

Nine Ways Churches Waste Money – Rainer on Leadership #195 [Podcast]

On today’s episode, Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe discuss nine specific ways churches might be wasting money. Read More

Are You a “Church Control Freak”?

I don’t like writing this kind of post, but I think it’s necessary. I’ve seen too many churches with laypersons (and pastors, for that matter, though I’m focusing on laity with this post) who want to control the show. Here are some markers of those folks.... Read More

Trend #1 For The Future Of Church Planting—Kingdom Collaboration

,Church planting will thrive when we work together. Read More

When the Thrill Is Gone and the Buzz Has Faded

I’m a church planter, and most of what I’ve learned about the church has come the hard way.... Here’s my latest discovery: At some point in your pastoring journey, you may end up in the land between “the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat,” and what you do then matters—a lot. Read More

Four Things Leaders Owe Their Followers

Max Depree wrote, “The first responsibility of a leader is to define reality. The last is to say thank you. In between the two, the leader must become a servant and a debtor.” Leaders, we are servants and debtors. We are in debt to the people who follow us. And what do leaders owe those who are following? At least these four things.... Read More

Zeal vs. Art: The Preacher's Dilemma

To create 30 minutes of beauty doesn't always take you where you're called to go. Read More

The Development of the Bible: An Interview with Michael Kruger

Tabletalk: As president of a Reformed seminary, what do you consider to be the greatest spiritual challenges that future pastors face in the United States and in the world? How can they prepare for those challenges? Read More

Why Rock Star Worship Leaders Are Getting Fired

Some megachurches have been hiring rock star worship leaders (henceforth referred to in this article as RSWLs) and are finding out they’re not all they’re cracked up to be. Read More

4 Signs Your Church May Not Need Small Groups

When it comes to small groups, what works for big churches may not work for small churches. Read More
In a small church the Sunday school class, the men's club, the women's circle, and the youth fellowship are all small groups.
6 Reasons Why Email Beats Social Media for Church Communications

I’ve heard too many people say that “email is dead.” They celebrate the early results of every hot up-and-coming social network. People get taken in by the vanity numbers of these networks and lose focus on their most important digital communication tool. Email continues to outperform social media because of its ability to connect and engage with people. Here are just a handful of reasons why email beats social media for church communications.... Read More

Backpacks & Bibles reach into Appalachia, Mississippi Delta

Since 2001, Appalachian Regional Ministries, a ministry of the North American Mission Board, has collected and distributed more than 140,000 Christmas backpacks and boxes filled with toys, clothing, school supplies, food and hygiene items and a Bible. Read More
What is your church doing to minister to needy children in your community? In other communities? Starting today, what can you do?
UK sees sudden surge in churchgoing after years of decline

As many as six in 10 British adults visited a church, chapel or religious meeting house in the last 12 months, according to a new survey. The survey results counter the more usual narrative of perpetual decline that has dominated surveys in recent years. Read More

Boko Haram burns children alive in January raids

Boko Haram killed more than 100 people in firebombs, shootings and suicide bombings in northeast Nigeria at the end of January, the most deadly attacks near Maiduguri where a survivor told the Associated Press he heard the cries of children burning alive inside their homes. Read More

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