Friday, February 05, 2016

Weekend Roundup: "What The Church Can Learn From the Astounding Rise of Uber" and More

What The Church Can Learn From the Astounding Rise of Uber

What can you learn as a church leader from the astounding rise of Uber, the ride-hail company born in San Francisco just a few years ago? Quite a bit actually. Read More

10 Questions Every Christian Leader Should Ask At Least Monthly

The Bible assumes that believers will be striving to follow God, continually living in an ongoing state of evaluation, repentance, and growth. Leaders must, by definition, lead the way. While I’m not suggesting that Christian leaders need to ask all of these questions below every day, I do think we need to ask them at least monthly. Read More

How to Respond When Someone You Lead Makes a Mistake

When someone we lead makes an honest mistake, we have three options. Read More

It Started With Science Fiction: Reflections on Missional vs. Attractional Evangelism

Some time ago, a colleague and I began a science fiction book club with the purpose of engaging people far from God while also reading some fun books. Since then, much of our ministry has involved rebuilding broken trust and developing new bridges to communicate our faith. Read More

United Kingdom: New Poll Reveals Top Ways to Get More People to Visit Churches

60% of British adults back the Government providing financial support for churches, chapels and meeting houses in order to protect their heritage and history for future generations, according to the findings of a new opinion poll, commissioned by church building repair and support charity, the National Churches Trust. Read More

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