Thursday, March 31, 2016

5 Good Habits That Will Improve Your Bible Study

Communication is probably one of the most important aspects of growing in a relationship. A husband and wife, child and parent or employer and employee will grow in their relationship if communication is kept open.

When there is no communication, a relationship could enter a stagnant state or even shrivel away. Every believer is called to grow in the area of spiritual devotional because this is our way of communicating with our God.

There are various ways that God speaks to us, but the most common way is through His Word, so to grow in Bible reading and Bible study will help us listen to God better as we talk to Him through prayer.

There is no substitute for partnering with God's Spirit to bring life to His Word. It is only through the Holy Spirit that we find inspiration and revelation through the Bible, but we can also do our own small part to improve our Bible study. Here are five simple practices that will help improve our Bible study. Read More
I recommend three other habits. First, pray before you study a particular passage from Scripture. Ask God to speak to you through the passage. Second, approach your study of a particular passage from Scripture with the expectation that God will indeed speak to you through that passage.  When we open our Bible, we are opening a door into a room in which God is waiting to meet with us. Third, before studying the passage, read it aloud to yourself. During the course of the study read the passage out loud again and again, listening for something new or for confirmation of what you have already heard. Read the passage one last time before you conclude the study. I also caution against relying too heavily on commentaries. Consult the commentaries after you have studied the passage and compare your findings with what the writers found in their study of the passage. Avoid reading a commentary before you look at the passage. It will influence how you understand it. 

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