Tuesday, March 15, 2016

From Preview to Launch

Reach critical mass early in your church plant.

Have you ever attended a private movie screening or sneak preview? It’s a promotion strategy to create a buzz of excitement around a new movie before its general release. Similarly, one of the most effective strategies for starting a new church is the Preview Service. Like a private movie screening, Preview Services introduce the community to a new church that has not yet been released to the public.

At a Preview Service, the community is invited to see what your church will be like at the Launch (or Grand Opening). Previews give your church the time to build momentum while providing you a chance to test drive the facility and the service you are designing. It is similar to the soft opening of a restaurant, when friends are invited before opening to the public. Just as excellent food and service are required at a soft opening, excellence is required at a Preview Service. Previews are not abbreviated versions of your church service. And they are not relaxed rehearsals where you work out the kinks.

During Preview Services, the momentum builds over a period of four consecutive months. The typical strategy is to hold three preview services, one per month followed by the Launch in the fourth month.

Launching a new church was once considered a one-time event with everything riding on it. You’re launching with new people, new equipment, a new facility, and everyone is inexperienced. By holding Preview Services, your team has the opportunity to hone their skills and get necessary experience under their belts. Read More

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