Thursday, March 24, 2016

Leading the Twenty-First Century Church: Four Articles

Why Ministry is Harder Than It Was a Decade Ago

Ever feel like ministry is harder than it was a decade ago? You’re not alone. Read More

People Won't Commit to the Church Any More? Don't You Believe It

The way people make commitments is changing. Unhealthy churches whine about it. Healthy churches do something about it. Read More

12 Ways to Build Trust with a Congregation

I’ve met many church members who no longer trust church leaders. Often that distrust is unjustified, but sometimes it’s valid. If you want to gain and grow your congregation’s trust, here are some ways to do that.... Read More

Three Types of Friends Every Leader Needs

Some have lamented that leadership is lonely. The unique pressure and responsibilities that leaders face can push some leaders to isolation. But wise leaders reject the temptation to remove themselves from others. Great leaders know they need others for both encouragement and wisdom. Here are three types of friends that every leader needs.... Read More

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