Saturday, March 26, 2016

Leading the Twenty-First Century Church: "Shifting Gears" and Much More

Shifting Gears

One of the key qualities of effective leaders is being flexible. Your role as a leader is always changing as your organization grows. It’s like driving a car. The greatest amount of energy is spent in actually starting it up. As the car speeds up, it has to keep shifting into higher gears. But in the end where it goes depends on the driver. In the same way, your function as a leader changes the more your organization grows. Here are a few ways a leader’s position can change. Read More

What Did You Expect, Leader?

One of the greatest struggles in leadership is dealing with and reconfiguring expectations of it, while we are in it. Read More

12 Keys to Attracting Young Leaders

You want young leaders on your team? Here are a few KEYS I think young leaders are drawn to.... Read More

Six Things You Inherit as a New Pastor at an Established Church

Considerate pastors understand what they are inheriting before people stop introducing them as the “new pastor.” Here a few examples of the things you inherit as a new pastor of an established church. Read More

6 Ways to Boost Your Confidence

Everyone wants to follow a confident leader. But many in leadership positions find themselves unable to provide this. They are under-confident leaders. For those who consider themselves under-confident, the obvious question that arises from this post is, “How do I move from under-confident to confident?” One of keys to this answer is to develop a more accurate view of leaders and their leadership. Read More

Four Practical Ways Leaders Can Live Out the “One Anothers” of Scripture

The Bible supplies the clearest guidelines for how to get along with peo­ple. Leaders can improve their people skills immediately by obeying the “one another” commands found in the New Testament. Read More

Leaders Can’t Avoid Conflict

Conflict is no stranger within the local church.The goal is not to practice avoiding conflict, instead we all need to become good at resolving conflict. Read More

3 Reasons Pastors and Their Wives Should Have Close Friends in the Church

In 12 years as a pastor’s wife, the one ministry manifesto I’ve heard repeated more than any other is You can’t have close friends in your church. This prohibition is handed down to seminary wives and passed around ministry families like gospel truth. Church people might be objects of ministry. They may be burdens or blessings. They may be acquaintances, neighbors, fellow laborers even. But they can never be friends. This is a lie. Read More

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