Monday, March 21, 2016

On the Net: "A Key Discernment Question in Church Planting" and Much More

A Key Discernment Question in Church Planting

The primary reason we all plant churches is often the same – so that we can make Christ known through word and deed in a new neighborhood. At the same time, another reason we plant churches is to make Christ known through word and deed in new ways in new neighborhoods. Read More

Resourcing African American Churches

Most of the African American church planters with whom I work have lived in the location where they plant for a long time. I truly appreciate this, and wish even more of our local planters of any race or ethnicity were being raised from the harvest. They have local relationships, understand local culture, and have learned to live in the situations of their local economies. The flip side, at least in my particular cultural context — and perhaps yours, is that the Christian population is low and there are few local churches that can invest large amounts of money to support church planting. The less indigenous the planter, the greater the financial support systems seem to be. Read More

7 Thoughts on Creating Unity in a Church for a New Pastor

... how do you create unity in a church? Read More

Hard Job, High Calling

Reports of clergy attrition are often exaggerated, but pastors still face daunting challenges. Read More

Six Foolish Things I Used to Believe about the Ministry

So that others can learn from them, here are a few of the foolish things I used to believe about the ministry. Read More

The Priority of Preaching the Word

“The primary task of the Church and of the Christian minister is the preaching of the Word of God.” Read More

What Should I Preach Next?

How do I choose the text or book I should preach next? Are there important factors to consider in choosing a text? Read More

Following Up the Sermon in Small Groups

The norm in our church has been to follow up the Sunday sermon in our small groups with a view to specific application. So the primary focus in the gospel communities is not doing a Bible study on the passage (that work should have been done in the gathering), nor recapping what was covered at the gathering (though this may have be done briefly). The primary focus is on exploring the implications for our lives and our life together. Here are some thoughts on how this may be done. Read More

Peter Adam's Sermon at the Ordination and Installation of Richard Condie as Bishop of Tasmania

A Bishop without a Bible is no Bishop at all.... Read More
Take time to read Dr. Adam's sermon and to take his words to heart.

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