Monday, March 21, 2016

Remembering Archbishop Thomas Cranmer, Architect of the English Reformation

On March 21, 1556, fur hundred and sixty years ago today, Archbishop Thomas Cranmer suffered a martyr's death for the principles of the English Reformation. He was burned at the stake in Oxford.

To commemorate his martyrdom, the Anglican Church League has posted links to the following articles on its website. I am also posting the same links on Anglicans Ablaze. .

Long Ago and Far Away: Thomas Cranmer, Author of the Prayer Book

Allan Blanch identifies three reasons to honor the memory of Thomas Cranmer. Read More

Cranmer Speaks Today

A reminder of how relevant most of what Cranmer said and wrote are to our own time. Read More

Thomas Cranmer’s ‘True and Catholick Doctrine of the Sacrament’

...the true doctrine of the Lord’s Supper was one of the key issues of the Reformation. Cranmer’s mature thought on the subject was a vital influence on the progress of the English Reformation and on the doctrine and liturgy of the English Church. Read more

Dr. Ashley Null on Thomas Cranmer

It was the Prayer Book of 1552 (with minor modifications) that was used in the Church of England during the reigns of Elizabeth I, James I and Charles I. With further modifications, it was to become the most widely used edition of the Book of Common Prayer, that of 1662, which is still the standard for all Anglican worship. In the light of the uncertainty among many over what constitutes genuine Anglicanism, it’s more important than ever to know something of the origins of the Anglican Church. Read More

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