Tuesday, March 01, 2016

The Sunday Factor: Gathering on Mission to Reach the Lost

Nearly every church gathers on Sunday. It’s typically only in extreme circumstances that a church does not have a Sunday gathering in their DNA.

Combine human nature with “weekly” and people can end up in a rut if they’re not careful. Church services are precariously vulnerable to ruts. As a result, many churches are merely going through the motions with their Sunday services, having settled into a predictable, familiar, rote routine.

You could have shown a video from this time last year and the service would have basically been the same. Maybe even five years ago. Maybe even 10 years ago. Maybe even … well, let’s stop there.

In top evangelistic churches, every Sunday matters. When we took a snapshot of the most evangelistic churches, we see the “Sunday factor” over and over again. Read More

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