Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Universal Questions Muslims Ask

The relationship between Islam and Christianity deserves careful exploration from many angles. Christians should explore the text of the Qur’an and compare it with the Bible. Insight can also be gained by comparing specific beliefs of God, Messiah, salvation, Bible, and cross. These will undoubtedly provide clarity and show the significant differences between these two faith traditions.

Another means deserves to be explored as well. How does the average Christian relate to the average Muslim? How could the Christian begin to converse in a respectful manner with a Muslim about matters of faith?

It is from this perspective that the following article is written. Most Muslims have never spoken with a Christian about the gospel. Most Christians do not know what they will encounter even if they begin. This article provides five starting points for conversation. It is not intended to be a substantive theological exploration.[1] Some will inevitably want more depth. What follows comes from a man quite experienced in addressing Muslims on their terms. It is in this spirit that this article should be read. Read More

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