Friday, April 08, 2016

How to Become a Better Theologian: Tips from 21+ Experts

You can all be better theologians. This is what 20+ Bible scholars, Christian authors, and bloggers I interviewed said, “Read your bible seriously.” Not only that but more.

A cold breeze hit on my cheeks as I walked to my sons’ daycare. It was well after 4 pm and I was running late. In the afternoon rush, an unwanted thought entered my mind, “If I could write only one thing in my lifetime, what would it be?”

No, I wasn’t planning on dying, I wanted to know what matters to me. With each step and passing second, the train of thought became more morbid, “What do I want to be written on my epitaph?”

I don’t have a theological qualification serve for a certificate in biblical studies and a couple of online classes I am taking. How can I raise theologians? But that’s my dream. This is what I long for, I want God to use me to raise theologians for his glory.

Why is this important to me? The church today is suffering because we have more customers than contributors. God gave each one of us gifts to serve one another for Christ’s glory. Yet, these gifts suffer a stillbirth or get abused because of a poor knowledge of the Father. Theology matters. Read More

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