Wednesday, April 20, 2016

On the Net: "12 Markers of Churches on the Downslope" and More

12 Markers of Churches on the Downslope

Based on my years of church consulting, here are some markers of churches on the downslope. Every church should be aware of these markers, just in case they’re unknowingly moving in the wrong direction. Read More

Isolation from the Church Is Dangerous

As I was considering the coyote’s hunting strategy, it occurred to me that they prey upon the isolated family pet or animal that becomes separated from its mother. Isolation is the key strategy for the coyote. As we consider the Christian life, we must be reminded that isolation is the key strategy for the devil as well. If he can somehow create circumstances and division that leads to isolation, he will move in for the attack. Read More

Theological Primer: The Holy Spirit

The focus of most of our churches is on Christ and not the Spirit, because that’s the focus of the apostolic gospel, the New Testament, and the Holy Spirit himself! Of course, this is not to suggest that singing to the Holy Spirit or worshiping him is inappropriate. Far from it. Every person of the Trinity is equally glorious and deserving of praise. But Spirit-led worship has at its heart not an emotive experience (though emotions are good) nor a spontaneous feel (though spontaneity isn’t bad), but rather a Christ-exalting, cross-focused, word-centered event where the name of Jesus is praised in the power of the Spirit to the glory of God the Father. Read More

Reformed Theology Is Indigenous to African American Christianity

While it is true that most systematic and written forms of Reformed theology come from Caucasian males, Reformed theology is not the “white man’s religion.” No matter how you define it, the core tenets of Reformed theology are woven into the fabric of African American Christianity. The sovereignty of God over all of life, his special prerogative in issues of salvation, and the authority of the Bible are endemic to the black church tradition. Read More

Solving a Problem is Often a Matter of Perspective – and how this principle impacts leadership

It’s frustrating, as a leader, when you feel you’ve done your best to address a problem, but people still have a problem. The problem – from their perspective – still exists. Ever been there? That’s because fixing a problem – addressing the problem – doesn’t always solve the problem – at least in the mind of others. Read More

Seven Ways Church Members Should Prepare for a Sermon

I can see incredible church revitalization taking place if church members took on their own responsibilities of sermon preparation. Read More

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