Monday, April 04, 2016

On the Net: "Unity in the Body and Working Relationships Beyond" and More

Unity in the Body and Working Relationships Beyond

What are the limits of cross-denominational partnership? Read More

Beneath The Evangelical Earthquake (And Life On The Other Side)

Like the super-continent Pangaea, evangelicalism has begun to fracture and to drift apart into smaller groupings that are travelling in very different directions. David Gushee at RNS identifies two groups, the progressives and the conservatives. Trevin Wax at The Gospel Coalition sees three groups, the evangelicals, the moderates and the revisionists. While I am not entirely sold on Wax’s terminology I think he is correct in identifying three distinct groups emerging out of the old evangelical consensus. At root these three factions can be attributed to three very different approaches to the authority of Holy Scripture. Read More

The 10 Best Ways To DeMotivate the People You Work With

Very few leaders I know actively set out to discourage their team, yet all of us do it—most often unintentionally. Read More

17 Truths You Need to Know About Leadership

No matter what level of leadership you find yourself in, it’s important we all have a sense of the big picture. It’s vital we understand the larger landscape of leadership. So here are a few thoughts on the state of leadership today. Read More

Seven Reasons Your Pastor Is More Than a Podcast

I am delighted to have the opportunity to listen to some of the best podcast preachers in the world. But they aren’t my pastor. Read More

The Omni-Directional Blessing of Bible Reading

Reading Scripture is a life changing discipline. In this article, RAAN President, Jemar Tisby, explores the omni-directional blessing of Bible reading. Read More

Six Ways God’s at Work in You — At Work

In reality, the workforce is not only how God works through you; it is a place where God works inside of you, conforming you to the image of Christ. He may feel distant, but he’s not. He is using the difficulties and pressures in your job right now to focus you in at least six areas. Read More

Two Reasons Our Churches Aren’t Making Disciples

One of the greatest setbacks of modern Christianity is that we have relegated ourselves out of the role of making disciples and depended on a handful of “full-time” ministers to do the job Jesus gave to us. We will never carry out the Great Commission if only full-time vocational ministers are making disciples. Read More

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