Saturday, April 23, 2016

Saturday Lagniappe: "3 Tips for Leading a Volunteer-Led Church" and More

3 Tips for Leading a Volunteer-Led Church

One of the greatest challenges of church leaders is leading volunteers. A greater challenge still, is being a leading volunteers who are leading volunteers (or in my case, being a volunteer who is leading volunteers that are leading volunteers – I feel like I’m in Inception!). Read More

6 Symptoms of Church Ministry Silos

And ways to help cure this type of disunity. Read More

6 Essentials for Everyone in Church Leadership

What is a pastor like? What does a pastor do? This is something that matters for pastors (obviously!) but also for every church member. Many a pastor has been crushed by church members expecting more of him, or different things from him, than God does. And on the other hand, many a church has been compromised because a pastor did less than, or different things from, what God requires of a church leader. Read More

How to Get and Keep Men in Small Groups

Some men just don’t like small groups. I can’t blame them. Those of us who write about and train people to lead groups are guilty of asking a group leader to create an environment that would drive a man’s man to clean the house before attending a small group meeting. Read More

'How Do We Get Millennials to Attend Church?' Why that is the wrong question

People are more complex than a generational trend after all. Rather than trying to get people to come and listen to us, let's find ways we can listen to them. What if they even told us why they won't come to church? Are we prepared to hear their honest answers, or will we hide behind generational stereotypes? Read More

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