Sunday, April 10, 2016

Service of the Word: Second Order

Service of the Word, Second Order, is now on the A Prayer Book for North America website. From the introduction to the service:
This Service of the Word is modeled on Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer in The Book of Common Prayer and follows a pattern of 


The opening preces have been shortened. The Jubilate has been restored to its ancient and biblical function as a psalm of entrance and may be sung as an alternative invitatory psalm to the Venite. The office hymn follows the invitatory psalm where it is a fitting response to the Venite's call to worship God in song. There is no singing before the opening preces. In the evening, the office hymn immediately follows the opening preces. Other versions and forms of the Phos hilaron may be used or another suitable hymn or song. 
Following the Eastern Christian tradition the psalm(s) of the day conclude with the recitation or singing of the lesser doxology, Gloria Patri. The greater doxology, Gloria in Excelsis, may be sung in place of the lesser doxology. Metrical versions of both doxologies may be used. 

Whenever possible, the invitatory psalms, the Easter Anthems, the Phos hilaron, and the canticles after the readings should be sung. Metrical versions of these texts may be used. Hymns and songs praising God and echoing the imagery and themes of the canticles may be substituted for the canticles. The canticles serve as responses of praise to God's Word. 

The Gloria in Excelsis may be used in place of the Te Deum or the Song of Zechariah. If the Gloria in Excelsis is used after one of the readings or the sermon, the Gloria Patri should be recited or sung after the psalms. If the Gloria in Excelsis is used in place of the Song of Zechariah, A Song of Creation, in its long or shorter version, The Song of the Three Young Men, or another suitable canticle should be used in place of the Te Deum. 
A hymn or song after the Old Testament Reading and the Gloria in Excelsis after the New Testament Reading, the Gospel Reading, or the sermon is another possible combination. Where the sermon is preached determines where the second canticle is used. The canticle should follow the reading if the sermon is preached at the end of the service. Otherwise, the canticle should follow the sermon. 
A sermon is normally preached at this service and may be preached immediately after the readings or at the end of the service.

This service may be tailored to the particular circumstances of the congregation using the service and may be led by an authorized lay person.

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