Monday, April 04, 2016

The Practice of Preaching: "9 Things I Love to Hear In a Sermon" and More

9 Things I Love to Hear In a Sermon

After thousands of sermons, you stop being impressed by the flash, and you start noticing the essentials. Read More

PREACHING MATTERS: Justin Mote, Applying the Bible [Video]

Justin Mote shows us how we believe in application because the Bible believes in application. But we don't mean moralism. Getting us to think right is as much application as getting us to live right. Apply the author's intent, place the passage in its context, and beware of placing yourself into the storyline. Watch now to hear these and other points from Justin on applying the Bible. Watch Now

9 Ways to Respond fter a Less than Spectacular Sermon or Lesson

Thousands of people around the world taught a small group lesson or preached a sermon yesterday. Many went well – but some didn’t hit the target. For all of us who feel like we missed it yesterday, let these thoughts encourage you as you begin the new work week.... Read More

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