Saturday, May 14, 2016

Latest Podcasts from NewChurches.Com

Episode 64: Debt, Finances, and Pastoral Leadership

What are the implications of having debt and planting a church? Learn about the nuts and bolts. Listen Now

Episode 63: Does the House Church Model Work in the West?

The missiological implications of house churches, simple churches, and organic churches. Listen Now

Episode 62: Dumping, Delegating, or Developing

Moving from warm bodies to weekly volunteers for the launch of your church. Learn about leadership development. Listen Now

Episode 61: Revitalization vs Planting vs Multisite

Are you a revitalizer, a planter, or a campus pastor? Learn about the differences in gifts and temperaments between them. Listen Now

Episode 60: Multisite, Multiplication, and Rural Implications

Vision, finances, direction, leadership, and other elements that are important for a multisite strategy. Listen Now

Episode 59: Preaching Tips, Series Ideas, and Launch Day

Learn more about preaching, using sermon series’, and what’s unique about preaching on your launch day. Listen Now

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