Monday, May 02, 2016

Missiology, Church Models, and Cultural Alignment

Understanding cultural is crucial to a church's effectiveness.

In each era and each cultural environment, the church defines its missiological quest in culture.

Now, that does not mean that eveything is on the table. There are marks of a biblical church that matter in every cultural setting. However, each church has a quest to figure out how to engage its community and organize its ministries. That's its missional quest and every church should ask such questions.Taking into account the missiological quest, churches then ask based upon the current cultural moment what is the most effective way to accomplish the tasks of a biblical church? This is the cultural question.

While the missiological quest should never change, the answer to the cultural question does change.

The how of ministry is in many ways determined by the who, when, and where of culture. Read More

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