Monday, May 02, 2016

On the Net: "10 Church Growth Strategies That Cost Zero Dollars" and More

10 Church Growth Strategies That Cost Zero Dollars

How do you start growing now, even with zero dollars? Read More

5 Lessons That Google Can Teach the Church

What can the Church learn from Google? Read More

Good Disagreement in the Church of England?

The concept of ‘good disagreement’ is becoming something that is applied in a much broader way. It is being used to promote a ‘live and let live’ approach to important doctrinal issues and sexual ethics in particular. Unity is appealed to in a way that trumps vital revealed truths. Is this helpful or right? Read More
Similar appeals to unity are also heard in the Anglican Church in North America.
4 Problems with Free-Spirit Theology

Why reintroduce this long-forgotten, little-known French mystic? Because the same ideas that got her labeled a heretic are alive and well in the twenty-first-century church. Let me mention four problems with her free-spirit theology that seem particularly relevant to our situation today. Read More

Infographic: Everything You Need to Know about Arianism

The controversy over Arianism was the first widespread controversy in the early church. Read More

Preaching for the 'Home Run'

How does a pastor handle the pressure of preaching every week? Read More

4 Methods To Organize Your Prayer Life

Prayer is a good thing that thrives with effort, not only in the act of praying but also in its administration. Read More

How to Remember Someone’s Name

Here are three steps you can take if you struggle to remember the names of people you meet. Read More

THL Parker on Calvin, the Reformation, and Justification

The great Calvin scholar, THL Parker, has died aged 99. Lee Gatiss looks at three great quotes, and three articles he wrote for our journal, Churchman. Read More

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