Wednesday, May 04, 2016

On the Net: "7 Indicators of Church Health" and Much More

7 Indicators of Church Health

Church growth is a ‘basic instinct’ for church leaders. However, church growth without church health is asking for trouble. Read More

6 Ways to Mobilize More Volunteers

It seems the old 80/20 rule often rules—20 percent of the people do 80 percent of the work. But it doesn’t have to be like that. Read More

15 Ways to Get to Know Your Church Members

Do you struggle knowing members of your church family? Maybe one or two of these ideas will be helpful to you.... Read More

7 Preacher Landmines

In the path of the preacher there are many landmines – hidden explosives that can do untold damage to your ministry. Whether you’ve been preaching for a couple of years or for half a century, why not take some time to prayerfully work through this list? If you are on a team why not work through these together and pray for each other? Maybe you could ask your spouse if they sniff any whiff of these in your life? Read More

There’s a Difference Between “Teaching” the Bible and “Using” the Bible

There is a massive difference between teaching what the Bible says and using the Bible to support what you want to say. This is not to say that teaching that addresses life is unfaithful. There are times when leaders start where people are, with issues in the culture, or with struggles in people’s lives and bring the truth of God, revealed to us in Scripture, to bear on those issues. But the aim must be to point people to what God says, and not use what God has said to bolster what we want to say. Read More

Kevin DeYoung, Preaching or Social Action? [Video]

Can a 'church' be a good church if it minimises the importance of preaching? Or if it does not engage with social action? How does the New Testament help set our priorities for ministry and preaching? Should a pastor preach on things such as political matters, social matters or current controversies? Kevin DeYoung helps us answer these and other questions from the Scriptures. Watch Now

Catechisms in Youth Ministry?

The catechisms provide us with a simple and effective way to nurture our students in a concrete knowledge and understanding of the faith. I believe it is time catechisms are brought back into our families and churches and, in particular, our youth ministries. Read More
Unlike the Anglican Church in North America's catechism, the New City Catechism is solidly biblical and Reformed in its teaching.
Why You Need the Church (And Not Just a Campus Ministry)

A good campus ministry is a gift from our Christ. But it is no church. Read More

The Value of Connecting People and 7 Common Connecting Points

From a strategic, discipleship standpoint, I know people are more likely to be connected to the church if they are connected to other people at deeper levels than simply attending the same church. If they can identify with people who understand them or embrace something they embrace, they feel more a part of things. And, connection is huge if we want to be effective at discipleship. Read More

5 Strategies to Ignite Outreach in Your Church

Let these outreach strategies spark your team’s creative planning and problem solving. Read More

Some Thoughts on Mass Evangelism

How do we spread the gospel today? Read More

How Many Evangelicals? An Interview with Brian Stiller

Getting a handle on the global number of Evangelicals. Read More

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