Thursday, May 26, 2016

On the Net: "The Church in the Furnace" and More

The Church In The Furnace

While extreme examples don’t apply to most of us, there may be more subtle ways that we do things that can also come across as a bit intense to the newcomer. Read More

The Church In The Fridge

I suggest that there are three areas where most churches need to do some remedial work on their relational factor. Read More

When Grace Hurts the Church

Churches are not monolithic. Read More

7 Ways to Make Yourself Invaluable to a Team 

One of my first managers frequently reminded us no one is irreplaceable. He would use the illustration of placing your hands in a bucket and then pulling them out. The level of the water doesn’t change much when one or two hands is removed. While I agree with him on some levels – even though I’m not quite sure it’s a healthy demonstration for building team morale – I think there are ways a person can make themselves more valuable to a team. Read More

Six Questions Leaders Should Routinely Ask Themselves

Leaders are merely stewards. We don’t own the people, the ministry, or the organization we lead. We merely steward the opportunity for a season. Someone will come along after us. Because our leadership is short, we should lead and serve with thoughtful intentionality. Wise leaders routinely evaluate their lives and leadership. Here are six questions leaders should routinely ask themselves.... Read More

Some Simple Practices that Will Get You Over Your Insecurity as a Leader

Here are five changes that can help you deal with underlying insecurity. Read More

7 Deadly Sins of Church Leaders

Perry Noble on seven common sins that can undermine the credibility of church leaders. Read More

10 Misperceptions about Young Pastors

In the past, I’ve written about misperceptions of missionaries and misperceptions of pastors. Because of my love of young pastors, I’ve interviewed and surveyed some of them to learn what they believe are misperceptions of their generation. Here are the primary findings.... Read More

The Pastoral Power of Undivided Attention

Lee Eclov on why coffee, home visits, and personal prayer will always be at the heart of ministry. Read More

Overtime Pay Mandated for More Ministry Employees

But pastors are likely exempt. Read More

Pastor, This Is What We Need on Sundays

A word to my pastor friends, who every week labor in preparing to teach the Bible in the weekend gathering while the dark cloud of the new cultural downgrade hangs over them.... Read More

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