Friday, May 13, 2016

On the Net: "Jesus Is the Author" and Much More

I generally list "On the Net" articles and other forms of media in the following order by subject matter--small membership churches and rural ministry; large membership churches and multisite campuses; church planting; theology; ministry teams; leadership and leadership development; pastoral ministry; preaching and public speaking; the Holy Scriptures, their interpretation and study; Christian worship, church music, and prayer; youth ministry; children's ministry; small groups; communication technology, the Internet, blogs, websites, and social media; discipleship; missions; evangelism; book reviews; cultural changes impacting the Church; findings of relevant research; and the persecuted Church. Articles and other forms of media for the most part are selected on the basis of their content and its usefulness. In selecting content I look for written matter, videos, podcasts, and audios that will help to build up Christ's Church both in North America and around the world. I also look for useful resources--free ebooks, training videos, and the like. I may feature one or more articles, videos, podcasts, etc., listing them first. The opinions expressed in the articles or other forms of media are their authors or producers and do not necessarily reflect my own views.

Jesus Is the Author

Perhaps the most intriguing title for Jesus in the Letter to the Hebrews is “author.” He is called the “author of … salvation” and the “author … of our faith” (Heb. 2:10; 12:2, NIV). Read More

5 Little-Known Truths About Pastors

The pastor is there to please God, not the congregation. Read More

5 Tips for a Winning Presentation

The difference between a powerful presentation and a pitiful one is usually a few, essential basics. The following five reminders must be part of every speech. Read More

Ezell, Rainer appoint disciple-making task force

Kevin Ezell, president of the North American Mission Board, and Thom Rainer, president of LifeWay Christian Resources, have appointed a task force on disciple-making. Consisting of Southern Baptist pastors, the task force will recommend steps that churches can take to improve their disciple-making process and spark a disciple-making movement throughout the Southern Baptist Convention. Read More
If the disciple-making process this group suggests is indeed "a transferable process that any church can use in any context," then churches of other denominations will also benefit from the group's recommendations.
Don’t Always Follow Your Conscience

That voice in your head is not necessarily God’s voice. Sometimes your conscience may be theologically incorrect. Read More

Stop Complaining, Part 1

What would you say is the defining characteristic of our society? Read More

Stop Complaining, Part 2

If you added up every argumentative, complaining, and frustrated word you spoke this week, along with all your eye rolls, disappointed sighs, and grumbling grunts, you would likely be shocked by how much of your time is bound up in expressing your discontent and dissatisfaction. In fact, some people talk about little else! Read More

9 Questions to Determine if You Need to Forgive Someone

As you prepare for worship this weekend, take some time to answer these questions to see if you need to forgive someone. If you do, take a look at my earlier post for suggestions on how to forgive. Read More

4 Important Steps To Quit Porn Once And For All

In order to break your addiction and move towards recovery, having the tools and resources around you is important to help you set yourself up to succeed. As you go through the steps listed below, remember not to over analyze, but to use these tools get you started. Read More

4 Recommendations for Motivating Missions

It is often so easy for mission to be lost in the swirl of the daily ministry activity. Read More

The Moral Revolutionaries Present Their Demands: Unconditional Surrender

The terms of moral surrender have been delivered to us, and they are absolute and unconditional. Just ask Japan and Germany what that means. Read More

White House issues transgender order to schools

The Obama administration has issued an order today (May 13) instructing all public schools to permit transgender students to use the restrooms and locker rooms of their gender identity instead of their biological sex. The across-the-board directive, reported first by The New York Times Thursday night (May 12), met quick protests from Southern Baptist leaders. Read More

Explainer: Federal Government Issues Letter on Transgender Policy to America's Public Schools

On Friday, May 13, the Obama administration sent a letter to all public schools in America notifying teachers and administrators of the regulations they must comply with in regards to their students’ “gender identity.” The letter states that, to comply with Federal law, policies concerning students must be based on their gender identity and not on their biological sex. Read More

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