Thursday, May 05, 2016

On the Net: "The Secret to Reaching Millennials" and More

The Secret to Reaching Millennials

You can either connect with millennials quickly and constantly, or risk losing them. Read More

Four Common Errors in Church Strategy

A church benefits from both spiritual and strategic leadership. The latter must not overpower the former, as spiritual leadership must trump strategic leadership—but both serve a church well. When a ministry leader leads well, the ministry will receive strategic direction, even if a different term is used. As ministry leaders seek to organize the work of the ministry and mobilize people to serve one another, here are four common errors in church strategy to avoid.... Read More

10 Reasons Young Leaders Shy Away from Established Churches

I’ve written elsewhere about the current rage for church planting, and I noted there that many young leaders have little interest in leading an established church. Without affirming them, I list here several reasons I’ve heard often from a generation shying away from established, older churches. Read More

A Leadership Pet Peeve About The People Doing the Work

If you aren’t going to be doing the actual work, don’t script how it’s done. Read More

What to Do If Your Children Don't Want to Go to Church Any More

You're pulling off a military-level logistics operation by attempting to get you and your children out of the door in time for church. You've managed to rustle up enough clean clothes, are not on any rotas this morning and are quietly rejoicing when you hear the words you have been half-dreading, half-expecting for months now: "I don't want to go to church today. Can I just stay home instead". Or a less polite version of the same sentiment. What should you do? Read More

5 Reasons Church Leaders Should Pay Attention to Christian Hip-Hop

How are church leaders supposed to properly understand a cultural language that has historically not often communicated a biblical worldview? The same way you learn any language, listen to those who speak it. Read More

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