Wednesday, May 18, 2016

On the Net: "Three Reasons to Use Events Strategically" and Much More

Three Reasons to Use Events Strategically

Ministries and churches should not haphazardly offer events in attempts to clutter calendars and give the impression of life and vitality. But ministries can strategically use events in their discipleship process. With Kris’s help, here are three reasons churches should use events strategically.... Read More

15 More Great Quotes from Planting Missional Churches

"Even the smallest new church can be a part of worldwide missions." Read More
This quote was listed twice...whether by accident or for emphasis I do not know. But it is worth emphasizing. At the same time  I must also point out that not just the smallest new church but every small church can be a part of worldwide missions!
Leadership Lessons I Wish I Learned Earlier

Whether you are a new or experienced leader, here is a list of leadership lessons to consider. They are ones I will continue to grow in and attempt to master.... Read More

Lateral Leadership

I have observed 4 common traits of effective lateral leaders.... Read More

The 5 Best Ways to Lead Your Senior Leader

If you do a little homework and learn to think differently, you can be exceptionally effective at leading change well, even when you’re not the senior leader. Even if you’re ‘just’ a staff member or ‘just’ a volunteer. Read More

Five Questions Prospective Pastors Rarely Ask Search Committees (But Should)

It is critical that prospective pastors ask questions about the church. There are five questions, however, which are rarely asked. These questions could be key toward avoiding some of the unpleasant surprises many pastors encounter. Read More

'But seriously folks': Humor's role in pulpit assessed

Humor abounds in the human mind, but the question for preachers is how often, if ever, to employ it in sermons. Read More

10 Reasons Why the Church Gathers

As Christians, we should all desire to gather together with one another as often as possible. As motivation, here are ten reasons why gathering regularly with the church is important.... Read More

How to Backslide in 9 Easy Steps

Here is how to backslide in nine easy steps... Read More

What Is the Prayer of Faith?

In the past century and a half, much has been written and said particularly about “the prayer of faith.” The focus has been on mountain-moving prayer by which we simply “claim” things from God with confidence that we will receive them because we believe that He will give them. But what exactly is the prayer of faith? Read More

May I Help You Discern Your Calling?

Is God calling you to cross-cultural missions for the sake of the global glory of Jesus Christ? Jesus promised to be with us to the end of the age in our mission to make disciples of all ethnic groups (Matthew 28:20). So the duration of the mission is as long as the duration of the promise — to the end of the age. The question is: What part will you play? Read More

The Changing Face of Evangelism

Two critical ways evangelism can adapt to cultural shifts. Read More

Restroom directive said to harm the transgendered

The Obama administration's directive regarding restroom use for transgender students at public schools and universities likely will harm children struggling with their gender identity and increase the number who become transgendered. Read More

Transgender debate continues over Obama directive

Legal, policy and pastoral responses are continuing regarding the transgender controversy that reached an apparent peak with the Obama administration's directive to public schools. Read More

Predicting How US and African Methodists Will Square Off over Homosexuality

Procedural vote previews how UMC General Conference may vote on gay marriage and clergy. Read More

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