Thursday, May 12, 2016

On the Net: "Troubleshooting the Celebrity Pastor Problem" and Much More

Troubleshooting the Celebrity Pastor Problem

What are some specific, practical things that can be done to work against the idolization of the successful pastor? Read More

Why I Am Not...

This article serves as the introduction to a series through which I will examine a number of my beliefs—the beliefs that give shape to my life. I will do this by beginning with my most foundational and unshakeable beliefs and then progressing to those that, though still important, are less central. My goal is not so much to persuade you to believe what I believe but to remind myself of my beliefs and how I came to them. Read More

Three Ways Millennials Make You a Better Leader

Millennials, as a whole, are more intrinsically motivated and less extrinsically motivated than preceding generations. And this should make leaders better because it pulls them into intrinsic motivation. Read More

7 Ways to Be Respected as and Remain an Authentic Leader

How can we be respected as authentic leaders? And, more, how do we remain authentic as leaders? Read More

8 Ways to Teach Leadership from the Bible

Leadership is definitely put on display and explicitly taught in the Bible. But, like all other subjects, it requires careful interpretation and handling with nuance. It is, in fact, a spiritual discipline for believers. Here are eight principles that you can use when going to the Scriptures to teach leadership. Read More

Leading with the Holy Spirit

I often plead with leaders, coaches, and communities to depend on the Holy Spirit. I plead with Christians to rely on the Spirit, who Jesus promised would be our helper. But what does that mean? Read More

Why Leadership Development Needs Poetry and Plumbing

Developing a leadership pipeline is not just reorganizing your org chart and implementing a clear training strategy. You are going to turn over some rocks and deal with whatever is underneath. Read More

Matt Chandler: This Is One of the Best Sermons on Pastoral Ministry I Have Ever Heard [Video]

Here is Mark Dever’s T4G address (April 2016 in Louisville) entitled, “Endurance Needed: Strength for a Slow Reformation and the Dangerous Allure of Speed.” Watch Now

8 Signs It May Be Time to Leave Your Church

In the past few weeks, several pastor readers have asked my thoughts about when it’s time to leave a church. Based on my own experience as a pastor, my interviews with pastors, and my interaction with churches over the years, here are some of my more positive thoughts. Tomorrow, I will deal with a few negative reasons to leave a church. Read More

8 More Signs It May Be Time to Leave Your Church

Yesterday, I dealt with some “positive” signs that it may be time for pastors to leave their churches. Today, I talk about some negative signs to consider. Read More

Overeating is occupational hazard for pastors, Baptist leader says

Facing schedules heavy on weekday luncheons, Sunday afternoon dinners and endless potluck meals, it can be easy to add inches to the waistband. Studies have found more than 75 percent of American preachers are overweight or downright obese. Read More
Anglican clergy are particularly prone to being overweight or grossly fat. Being corpulent conveys the impression that they have no control over their appetite not only when it comes to food but in other areas of their lives. It would be interesting to see the findings of research investigating the existence of a correlation between obesity and a lack of self-discipline in other areas of a pastor's life. In any event pastors need to take better care of themselves, eating a nutritious, balanced diet; not overeating; getting plenty of exercise and sleep, not only for their own well-being but also to set a good example for their flock.  
Eight Tips for Beginning Preachers

Looking back, there are a few tips I wish I had been given as a beginning preacher. Let me share eight of them with you.... Read More

Two Methods of Bible Study

What it means to study the Bible by plow & by trowel. Read More

Nine Ways Your Church Can Use Twitter on Sundays

Because of its brevity and immediacy, Twitter can serve as an experience enhancer. Read More

Facebook's alleged anti-conservative bias debated

Southern Baptist social media observers have expressed diverse reactions to allegations that Facebook "routinely suppressed" news of interest to conservative readers from the site's "trending" news section. Read More

10 Ways to Eliminate Spiritual Uncertainty

Let what God says about you trump what other people say about you. Read More

Why Believers Must Avoid Immoral Jokes

Several months ago, I wrote on why how we talk as believers matters. I’ve hesitated since then writing this follow-up post, primarily because I risk coming across as judgmental and arrogant with these words. On the other hand, I write these very words because I, too, could easily fall into the trap of ungodly speech – and I must daily remember these truths myself. Here’s why we must fight for holiness in our joking. Read More

How to Develop a Christian Ethic

Here are the three most important things you can do to develop a solid Christian ethic.... Read More

5 Future Trends in Church Planting

With culture changing at the speed of light, planters cannot be over-aware of the trends new churches will face. Read More
This is an adaptation of an article, "5 Future Trends of Church Planting," originally posted on Christianity Today.
15 Great Quotes from Planting Missional Churches

Planting a church is one of the most exciting adventures you’ll ever embark on. It’s also one of the hardest. It requires initiative, leadership, strategy, systems, and a lot of prayer. Read More

Tyrannical tendencies are not just the purview of the right

Many worry about the long-term sustainability of our democracy, an issue that’s not unique to evangelicals. Read More

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