Tuesday, May 03, 2016

On the Net: "Two Ways to Create Urgency" and More

Two Ways to Create Urgency

Urgency helps foster both focus and action. Without urgency, focus can be dispersed across too many priorities. Without urgency, passivity can trump action. Without urgency, important actions can be delayed continually. Read More

13 End Times Errors to Avoid

Believers often cycle through a stock list of end-times errors. These mistakes discredit gospel proclamation and rob Christians of the blessings and wisdom God gives from meditating on this area of truth. Read More

A Leadership Lid You Can Never Avoid

Your ability to respond counterintuitively – when needed – will determine the height of leadership you can sustain or achieve. Read More

VIEWPOINT: Should a Woman Be Allowed to Preach?

Perry Noble offers his views on women in the pulpit. Read More

Seriousness in Worship

As we approach corporate worship, we must seek to do so with purpose. We dare not attend it casually. If there is one thing consistently observable in the Scriptures, it is surely the reality that meeting with a holy God is anything but casual. Read More

What Is the Best Time for a Worship Service? – Rainer on Leadership #221 [Podcast]

On today’s podcast, Thom Rainer and Jonathan Howe discuss the origins of Sunday morning worship service times as well as the most common times and some not-so-common worship times. Read More

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