Wednesday, May 25, 2016

On the Net: "Where Successful Church Plants Get Their Money" and Much More

Where Successful Church Plants Get Their Money

Here's how church plants become self-sufficient—and what financially stable churches have in common. Read More

What Does the Word “Gospel” Mean in the New Testament?

When we come to the New Testament, we find three distinct ways in which the term gospel is used. Read More

7 Tensions Every Leader Faces – Everyday

Learning to balance the tensions of leadership may determine the level of success a leader can sustain. If a leader leans too far one direction – their leadership effectiveness suffers. Read More

The hidden hours of ministry: Preparation

In gospel ministry as in sports the hidden hours lay the foundation for what happens publicly. Read More

Persuasion is not (necessarily) a dirty word

Stephen Liggins exmines the role of persuasion in the proclamation of the gospel. Read More

Persuasion: the right stuff

Acts reveals three main forms of persuasion that were deliberately employed by the evangelists: the use of the Old Testament, reference to witnessed supernatural events (especially the resurrection of Jesus) and interaction with Greco-Roman sources of authority. It also reveals one prominent form of persuasion that was never utilized. Read More

Three Ways Worship Shapes Discipleship

Here are three ways the spiritual discipline of worship contributes to the disciple-making process.... Read More
Unfortunately in a number of the churches warming up the congregation for the pastor’s message is seen as the purpose of the music on Sunday morning--a legacy of revivalism.
Loving the misfits

Our youth groups, just like our church congregations, are filled with all kinds of people. In the mixture of diverse personalities and life experiences that make up a student ministry, there are also some students who require an extra measure of attention. Read More

6 Ways to Find Fresh Outreach Ideas

Where do you find great outreach programs and innovative ideas? Here are some of my best suggestions. Read More

Ten Recommended Books on Evangelism

It’s no secret that many evangelicals struggle with doing evangelism. In fact, many will never share their faith with anybody. Here are some practical resources that may help you and your church re-invest in this task.... Read More

We Are Not Entitled to the World’s Respect

Winning arguments is not the same as winning souls. Read More

Why Are So Many Muslim Refugees in Europe Suddenly Finding Jesus?

Whether out of conviction or convenience, thousands of migrants in Europe are converting to Christianity. Read More

PEARUSA bishop translated to Diocese of the Carolinas

Bishop David C. Bryan of the PEAR-USA Southeast Network has been elected the first suffragan bishop of the ACNA Diocese of the Carolinas. PEAR-USA Southeast Network clergy and congregations have been given until July 1st to apply for admission to the Diocese of the Carolinas. Read More

Prison ministry focus among pastors, churches studied

While most Protestant pastors visit correctional facilities and want to help prisoners and their families, their churches often lack the training or finances to run an effective prison ministry. Those are among the findings of a new phone survey of 1,000 Protestant senior pastors from LifeWay Research. Read More

China sees sevenfold increase in persecution against Christians

Persecution against Christians in China has increased sevenfold since 2008, according to the latest report by China Aid. Read More

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