Thursday, May 12, 2016

One-by-one One-to-ones: Evangelism in a culture that can’t commit

Is commitment harder than it used to be?

Resisting gym and phone contracts, and contracts generally. Posting a “Don’t Know” Facebook RSVP instead of a hard “Yes” or “No”. Cohabiting before marriage (“trying each other out”) - even when the research says it makes us more divorce-prone. Today becomes a beta test for the tomorrow that never actually materializes.

As I’ve written elsewhere, keeping our options open seems to be one of the gods of our age. And churches often experience it when they invite friends to evangelistic courses such as Christianity Explored (CE).

One course leader at a large church told me that when they first started running CE over a decade ago, the average weekly attendance was around 120 people. Now it’s hovering around the 40-50 mark. Why? One reason is that many non-Christians - not to mention Christians who could be course leaders - are uneasy about committing to a course, even if it’s a relatively short one.

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