Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday Lagniappe: How Listening Can Lead to Spiritual Conversations and More

Listening Can Spark Witnessing, NW Baptists Told

"People will often tell their personal issues within the first couple of sentences of introducing themselves," evangelical trainer Margaret Slusher said in witnessing workshops across the Northwest Baptist Convention this spring. Read More

My316 Five-Week Curriculum

Click here to download My316 resources.

Why Every Church Should Move Toward Cultural and Racial Diversity

Sam Rainer examines the need for greater culture and racial diversity in US churches. Read More

10 Great Church Website Resources

Your church website truly is your digital front door and can’t be ignored. Read More

Muslims Turning to Christ - a Global Phenomenon

An unprecedented number of Muslims are becoming Christians. David Garrison, who has spent years researching the phenomenon, shares his findings. Read More

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